Wiltshire Golf Guide Newsletter Issue #11

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Welcome to the latest Newsletter

We are thrilled to bring you another issue of our Newsletter about all things golf in the beautiful county of Wiltshire.

Whether you are a seasoned golfer or just starting out, this newsletter is your go-to source for the latest local golf news, events, and tips to enhance your golfing experience.

From course info and tips from the pro's, to player profiles of local golfers to upcoming open tournaments, we have it covered.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest Wiltshire Golf Guide Newsletter.

In The Spotlight

A Picture of the PGA Tour flag next to a golf hole

As we wrote about in Issue 2 of the newsletter, YouTube Golfers Have A Shot At Playing In A PGA Tour Event – Read Issue 2 Here

George Bryan, Matt Atkins, Luke Kwon, Tyler Watts, Peter Finch, Micah Morris, Jay Card III, Grant Horvat, Fat Perez, Turk Pettit, and more face off at TPC Myrtle Beach for chance to play on the PGA TOUR.

You won’t believe how this one ends… buckle up!

Upcoming Open Golf Events In Wiltshire

These are some of the Open Events taking place in Wiltshire over the next couple of months

These are just a few of the events and you can see more on our Open Golf Competitions page

The Player Profiles Series

In our Player Profiles Series, we dive into the experiences and passions of local golfers, bringing you closer to the heart of the game.

Each interview unveils the personal preferences of a Wiltshire golfer, from where they play most of their golf, to their favourite hole, their go-to clubs, a favourite post game meal and some other interesting golf related trivia

This is a picture of Steve King of Wiltshire Golf Guide with the Honey Monster

This week’s Player Profile is Steve King

This week’s Player Profile spotlights Steve King, a golfer who can shoot anywhere between +1 or 101 depending on the day

Check out what’s in Steve’s Golf Bag and find out his go-to club, find out the weirdest thing Steve has ever found in his golf bag, where he would go for his dream golf trip and which is his favourite Golf Movie

Click through to Steve’s Profile and find out more about this Wiltshire golfer.

we want YOU to be part of our Player Profiles Series too!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, we invite you to share your golf story with us.

To find out more visit the Player Profiles Series.

This Week's Featured Golf Hole

As part of our Player Profile Series we ask the Players to tell us their favourite hole from across the Golf Courses in Wiltshire, this is the choice of this week's Player.

Cumberwell Blue Course Hole 26

Steve’s Favourite Hole is Hole 26 at Cumberwell Park

Par 3


What can you say about the 26th hole?

One of the finest risk and reward holes you will ever find.

If the pin is tucked anywhere near the left side you will need to hit close to the lake for a good chance of a birdie or even a par.

Bale out right and you could have a monster putt.

From the back tees this hole is formidable where anything less than perfect will find a watery grave.

The Performance Zone

Each week we share a tip from a Golf Professional, Coach or Equipment specialist to help you improve your game, from Curing the Shanks to Choosing the right Driver

This week PGA Professional Danny Maude shares some tips to be more consistent with your chipping

In this golf lesson Danny shares what is quite possibly the easiest way to chip a ball on to the green I’ve ever seen.

Chipping around the green can be the source of frustration for so many golfers but I guarantee you will never see an easier way to chip a golf ball than this.

Here’s what you are going to learn:

1. Chipping is not that different to putting you simply use a club that has more loft – Putting with loft

2. Every golf shot is an arc and it’s simply a matter of where you strike the ball on that arc and with what loft that will determine contact and flight

3. So to be great at chipping you have to have a chipping technique that is great at delivering the desired loft every time.

Community Spotlight

Welcome to our “Community Spotlight” segment, where we shine a light on the vibrant golfing scene here in Wiltshire.

Every week, we’re dedicated to keeping you informed about the latest happenings in the local golf community.

From charity golf days that support worthy causes to exciting Society Events where golfers come together for friendly competition, we aim to cover it all.

Not to mention, we’ll keep you updated on the buzz surrounding Captains’ drive-ins and the admirable initiatives of Captains’ Charities.

But that’s not all

we’re also here to celebrate the next generation of golfing talent with updates on Junior Tournaments.

And for those who are passionate about the latest advancements in golf technology, we’ll keep you in the loop about the launch of new golf facilities, innovative golf balls, or game-changing golf clubs designed to enhance your performance and give you that extra yardage you’ve been craving.

If you’re involved in organising an event or have some exciting news to share with the golfing community in Wiltshire, we’d love to hear from you!

Simply provide us with the details, and we’ll gladly feature your event or announcement in our newsletter and give you a well-deserved shout-out on our website.

You can contact us here

Time For A Laugh

If you would like to have your own golf joke or video featured, just drop us a line

May Your Drives Be Long & Your Putts Be True

Thank you for joining us for this edition of the Wiltshire Golf Guide Newsletter.

We hope you found inspiration in our featured golf spots, player profiles, and expert tips.

Remember, whether you’re teeing off at a local course or honing your skills on a simulator, the joy of golf lies in the camaraderie and the pursuit of excellence.

Stay tuned for our next issue, packed with more exciting updates from the Wiltshire golfing community.

Until then, May Your Drives Be Long And Your Putts Be True!

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