Meet The Wiltshire Golf Guide Team

Welcome to Wiltshire Golf Guide, where our passion for golf meets our dedication to providing you with the best information about playing golf in Wiltshire.

Get to know the faces behind the scenes who work to make your golfing experience in Wiltshire an enjoyable one.

Meet Our Team

This is a picture of Steve King of Wiltshire Golf Guide with the Honey Monster

Steve King

With over 25 years of experience playing the golf courses of Wiltshire, Steve leads our team with a deep love of the sport.

Steve takes care of all the Operations, Sales, Marketing and Web Development….when he is not on a Golf Course!

A picture of Emma Fox and her Retriever called Boris

Emma Fox

Emma brings her experience in Finance and customer engagement to ensure that Wiltshire Golf Guide remains a valuable resource for golfers of all levels.

Emma has a lovely Retriever named Boris who always enjoys being outside in the Wiltshire Countryside

Meet Our Golf Course Reviews Team

Meet the passionate Golfers who form the backbone of our Golf Course Reviews Team at Wiltshire Golf Guide.

Dedicated to exploring and evaluating the finest Golf Courses in Wiltshire, our reviewers bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and love for the game to provide you with comprehensive insights and recommendations.

Our team comprises individuals with diverse skill levels, ranging from seasoned touring professionals to enthusiastic beginners. This diversity helps ensure that our Golf Course Reviews cater to golfers of all backgrounds and abilities, offering valuable perspectives for every golfer seeking to explore Wiltshire’s golfing landscape.

Matt Mumford playing golf at the British Par 3 Championships

Matt Mumford

Touring Professional

Roger Chequer on Caddy Duty for Steve King at The Trilby Tour in Oxfordshire

Roger Chequer

Handicap Index 16.1

Read Roger’s Player Profile

a picture of Chris Jeffcut playing golf

Chris Jeffcut

Handicap Index 24.0

Read Chris’ Player Profile

A picture of Piotr Ptaszek with his golf bag on the golf course

Piotr Ptazcek

Handicap Index 7.4

Read Piotr’s Player Profile

Tucker Thompson enjoying a beer at The Blue Boar

Tucker Thompson

Handicap Index 13.5

Read Tucker’s Player Profile

A picture of Tom Hill stood next to the flag after making his putt on the green

Tom Hill

Handicap Index 17.1

Read Tom’s Player Profile

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