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In The Spotlight

A Picture of the PGA Tour flag next to a golf hole

YouTube Golfers Have A Shot At Playing In A PGA Tour Event

News reached the golf world this week that YouTube golfers are competing for the right to play in a PGA Tour event.

The Myrtle Beach Classic, taking place May 9-12 in South Carolina, is holding a 16-man qualifier featuring notable YouTube content creators.

The low finisher will get a spot in the tournament, which is an opposite-field event being held the same week as the Wells Fargo Championship (the Wells Fargo is a signature event, so all the best players will be in Charlotte).

The 18-hole qualifier, hosted by Golf Tourism Solutions and Visit Myrtle Beach, will be on March 4 at TPC Myrtle Beach with a 90-minute video of the shootout being released 23rd April

Some of the participants will be releasing their own individual content from the event, as you would expect.

No spectators or media will be allowed at the event—the results will be kept under wraps until the video comes out in April.

Is this a brilliant marketing strategy by a first-year PGA Tour event with nothing to lose?

Or is this a gimmicky ploy to gain attention while taking a potential spot away from a better player?

Who is Playing?

Many of the names on this list are legit players with extensive competitive golf experience.

Some are not as battle-tested—but everyone meets PGA Tour regulations for sponsor exemptions, meaning they each have a handicap of 0.0 or better.

Not all of the players in the qualifier are YouTube golfers.

Some are regularly featured in YouTube videos on other channels but don’t have their own content.

And some are local standouts who aren’t on YouTube at all.

  • Matt Atkins: Has made 25 PGA Tour starts and won on the Korn Ferry Tour in 2017
  • George Bryan IV: Half of Bryan Bros. Golf and a former All-American at South Carolina
  • Jay Card III: Has made 39 starts on the Korn Ferry Tour
  • Morgan Deneen: Assistant club pro at Dunes Golf and Beach Club
  • Peter Finch: A combined 1.25 million subscribers/followers on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and X
  • Grant Horvat: Formerly of Good Good, has a combined 1.35 million subscribers/followers
  • Luke Kwon: Member of Good Good, has made over 50 starts in PGA Tour-sanctioned events
  • Micah Morris: Formerly of Good Good, has more than 1 million subscribers/followers
  • Turk Pettitt: Won 2021 NCAA Championship while at Clemson
  • Dan Rapaport: Member of the Fore Play podcast and Barstool Sports
  • Scott Stevens: Made 21 Korn Ferry Tour starts last year
  • Nick Stubbe: Known as Fat Perez from Bob Does Sports, has more than 1 million subscribers/followers
  • Tyler Watts: High school sophomore from Alabama who won the Jones Cup Junior Invitational
  • Jamie Wilson: Former All-SEC golfer from University of South Carolina
  • Mason Nut or Cole Lantz: The BustaJack duo will play each other to see who gets the spot in the qualifier.

Who will win?

Probably Atkins, Stevens or one of the other golfers with a lot of Korn Ferry Tour experience, but you never know what can happen.

We will bring you the video highlights and results update when they’re released in April

Will you be watching?

Upcoming Open Golf Events In Wiltshire

These are some of the Open Events taking place in Wiltshire over the next couple of months

These are just a few of the events and you can see more on our Open Golf Competitions page

The Player Profiles Series

In our Player Profiles Series, we dive into the experiences and passions of local golfers, bringing you closer to the heart of the game.

Each interview unveils the personal preferences of a Wiltshire golfer, from where they play most of their golf, to their favourite hole, their go-to clubs, a favourite post game meal and some other interesting golf related trivia

A picture of Piotr Ptaszek with his golf bag on the golf course

This week’s Player Profile is Piotr Ptaszek

Step onto the fairways with Piotr Ptaszek, a golfer known for his meticulous approach to the game. Piotr is a regular player at Manor House Golf Club, where he showcases his skills twice a week.

In Piotr’s bag, you’ll find a carefully selected arsenal of clubs, including Titleist irons and woods, and a Toulon Atlanta putter.

While Piotr doesn’t adhere to superstitions, he draws inspiration from the movie “Tin Cup,” finding hope in the face of adversity.

And when it comes to post-round refreshments…click through to find out what Piotr likes best…

Visit Piotr’s Profile and find out more about him

we want YOU to be part of our Player Profiles Series too!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, we invite you to share your golf story with us.

To find out more visit the Player Profiles Series.

This Week's Featured Golf Hole

As part of our Player Profile Series we ask the Players to tell us their favourite hole from across the Golf Courses in Wiltshire, this is the choice of this week's Player.

The 2nd Hole at Manor House – ‘DIPPER BRIDGE’

Par 3


One of several holes that meander their way through the stunning Bybrook Valley.

A scenic par 3 that requires an accurate shot to a seemingly generous target. However, looks can be deceptive!

Hitting the green is very important as the Bybrook is awaiting any stray tee shots. The green is undulating, so very seldom will you have an easy putt.

With Out of Bounds long and bunkers guarding the front and right, this is a truly great short hole.

The Performance Zone

Each week we share a tip from a Golf Professional, Coach or Equipment specialist to help you improve your game, from Curing the Shanks to Choosing the right Driver

This week we welcome PGA Professional Richard Lawless to share some quick coaching to help you with your golf swing

The Stack & Tilt Golf Swing

Rich demonstrates the Stack & Tilt Golf Swing and shows how it can help you hit better shots, especially if you are someone that tops the golf ball a lot.

In the video you will find out how to set up for the Stack & Tilt Golf Swing method and see how it differs from the more conventional set up for a golf swing

You can see more video coaching from Richard at the Weekend Golfers Academy

Community Spotlight

Highworth Golf Course

In recent times, the fate of Highworth’s old golf course has been at the forefront of local discussions, sparking a wave of community activism and political manoeuvring.

What was once a beloved golf course is now a focal point of a battle between development and preservation.

Highworth residents and campaigners have been busy in their efforts to safeguard the cherished green space.

Despite initial concerns over potential development, there are encouraging signs that the land may be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

A motion presented, at the back end of 2023, to the Swindon Borough Council by Highworth ward councillor Vijay Manro had ignited hopes for the transformation of the old golf course into a new country park.

The motion, which called for the site to be designated as the borough’s sixth country park and leased to Highworth Town Council, had gained significant traction.

However, due to its implications regarding the disposal of assets, the motion bypassed debate and is now awaiting consideration by the Labour-run cabinet.

This move underscored the urgency and significance of the matter at hand.

The prospect of converting the golf course land into a country park marks a pivotal moment in Highworth’s history.

For years, the site has served as more than just a golfing venue; it was also a cherished retreat for residents, offering a sanctuary for walkers, joggers, and nature enthusiasts alike.

The journey to protect the old golf course has been fraught with challenges.

Under the previous administration, plans to develop a portion of the site for housing stirred controversy and galvanised opposition.

Thanks to a determined community effort, including a well-supported campaign and advocacy from local councillors like Cllr Will Stone, those plans have been reconsidered, paving the way for a new vision of preservation.

Crucially, discussions are already underway between Councillor Jim Grant and Highworth Town Council regarding the potential transfer of control over the course.

This behind-the-scenes dialogue underscores a shared commitment to finding a sustainable solution that honours the wishes of the community.

As the debate unfolds, voices from all corners of Highworth were making themselves heard.

From public gallery interventions by councillors like Julie Murphy to grassroots activism by residents, the push to secure a 99-year lease for the town council reflects a collective determination to safeguard this invaluable asset for the long term.

Beyond the realm of politics, the old golf course holds a special place in the hearts of many, including readers of the Wiltshire Golf Guide.

Fond memories of tee-offs and roll-up matches serve as a testament to the profound connection that individuals and families have forged with this venue.

In the spirit of community and camaraderie, the fight to preserve the land of Highworth’s old golf course embodies the very essence of grassroots activism.

It is a reminder that when people come together with a shared purpose, they can sometimes achieve remarkable things.

As the saga continues to unfold, we will report the updates

A note from Steve:

Highworth Golf club is where I first learned to play golf and where I got my first handicap, so it was only fitting to include this story early on in the life of our newsletter.

There are several of our newsletter readers, Roger Chequer, Chris Jeffcut and Mark Mumford, who also used to play Highworth on a regular basis,

It was even a regular course for Wiltshire based Touring Professional Matt Mumford, who was the best player at the Highworth club by far, even from his early teenage years.

It’s where we had fantastic roll-ups on a Saturday morning.

And as it was a roll-up tee-off order, there was invariably a queue of golfers stood watching as you overcame the first tee nerves.

often as many as 25-30 golfers in the queue, and they definitely let you know about it if you hit a duff shot – fun times for sure and sadly missed by many.

I know we will likely never play the course again, but there will always be the fond memories shared by many

Time For A Laugh

Two golfers are ready to play their tees shots as a funeral cortege passes by.

The first player stops, doffs his cap, and bows his head as the cortege passes.

That was a really nice thing to do,” the second golfer says.

It’s good to see there is still some respect in the world.”

Well, it’s only right,” the first golfer replies.

I was married to her for 35 years.”

If you would like to have your own golf joke or video featured, just drop us a line

May Your Drives Be Long & Your Putts Be True

Thank you for joining us for this edition of the Wiltshire Golf Guide Newsletter.

We hope you found inspiration in our featured golf spots, player profiles, and expert tips.

Remember, whether you’re teeing off at a local course or honing your skills on a simulator, the joy of golf lies in the camaraderie and the pursuit of excellence.

Stay tuned for our next issue, packed with more exciting updates from the Wiltshire golfing community.

Until then, May Your Drives Be Long And Your Putts Be True!

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