Wiltshire County Ladies Foursome Knockout 2024

Wiltshire County Competition

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Competition Date

Season Competition

Competition Format


Entry Fee

£25.00 Per Team

Wiltshire County Ladies Foursome Knockout Rules

Handicap allowance:

HALF difference of the combined Course Handicaps

Maximum Playing Handicap of 36

  1. All rounds to be played over 18 holes or to a conclusion
  2. Play should start on the first tee unless otherwise required by the Club where the game is being played
  3. If two players from different Clubs enter, the Home Club must be nominated on the entry form
  4. A draw will be made by the Wiltshire Golf Competition Director and details of the draw will be forwarded to each Club participating in the Competition
  5. The Match to be played on the course of the first-named players is marked by an asterisk on the draw sheet
  6. Home players to give their opponents at least three dates, one of which must be at a weekend, and one on a weekday, at reasonable intervals
  7. If there are more than two temporary greens or the course is closed, the Match must be rearranged, but still played before the closing date for that round.
  8. In cases of bad weather where further play is not possible, the Match should be treated as null and void and rearranged, but still played before the closing date for that round
  9. No extensions will be granted
  10. The home pair should ensure that opponents are notified of the starting time and that they are granted courtesy of the course
  11. Semi-finals and final to be played on neutral courses. If the two pairs in the semi-final are from the same Club, they may opt to play at home or on a neutral course

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Competition Entry Closes: 1st April 2024

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