Steve King

This is a picture of Steve King of Wiltshire Golf Guide with the Honey Monster

How Often Do You Play Golf?

Around 8 times a month

Which Wiltshire Golf Course Do You Play The Most - (Tell us if you are a member there)

I play Manor House in Castle Coombe the most

I am a member of the Hercules Golf Society and we have a corporate membership.

What's Your Favourite Golf Hole From Any Of The Golf Courses In Wiltshire?

I have two.

The first is the 8th hole at Cumberwell Park (also known as hole 26)

I love it off the back tees as it’s a fully committed shot with my hybrid.

Last time I tried was on my birthday and I made a par…so it’s an even better memory!

Hole 26 Par 3

Cumberwell Blue Course Hole 26

Stroke Index: Ladies 9, Men 9

What can you say about the 26th hole?

One of the finest risk and reward holes you will ever find. If the pin is tucked anywhere near the left side you will need to hit close to the lake for a good chance of a birdie or even a par.

Bale out right and you could have a monster putt. From the back tees this hole is formidable where anything less than perfect will find a watery grave.

My second pick is Hole 15 at Manor House.

It’s a long par 4 that I find usually plays into the wind – it’s the only hole on the course I haven’t birdied.  Until I do, it will be the hole I look forward to playing the most when I am at the course

What's In Your Bag - Tell us everything from Clubs to balls to shoes and hats...feel free to dazzle us

I have a bit of a mixed bag which is full of lots of custom fit kit I have accumulated over the years

Driver: Cleveland CG Black 10.5
Cobra Hybrids 16, 18 & 23.5
Callaway XR Pro Irons
Vokey SM8 56 & 58 Wedge
Vokey SM9 60 Wedge
Never Compromise Sub 30 Putter

What's your go-to club in your golf bag that never lets you down?

My Putter - best part of my game by miles

Share a quirky superstition or ritual you have before teeing off.

I usually try to avoid all the Golf voices in my head and just hit the shot and hope the ball goes where I want it to

What's your favourite golf-related movie or book, and why does it resonate with you?

I think I’ve watched them all, The Legend of Bagger Vance, Happy Gilmore and CaddyShack are good to repeat watch, but would have to choose Tin Cup as my favourite

What's the most unusual item you've ever found in your golf bag?

A house Plant, compete with a full pot of soil

I was away on a Golf Weekend and the guys I was with thought it would be a good idea to put it in my bag when we were in the pub.

I carry my bag but never noticed until the second or third hole the next day

If you could design your dream golf hole in Wiltshire, what features would it have?

There would definitely be a long carry over water to approach the Green, which would be fast paced and undulating

If you could change one golf rule, what would it be?

I would change the three off the tee rule when you go OB. When you reload you should be hitting your second shot, not your third.

You’ve already penalised yourself by one shot and you’re still in the same place.

If you could organise a dream golf trip with your friends, where would you go and which courses would you play?

If travel and money wasn’t an issue then I’d like to have a week where we get to play Augusta, Sawgrass, Bethpage Black and pop home to play St Andrews.

Describe the quirkiest golf-themed gift you've ever received.

A golf pillow. Not sure what I am supposed to do with it…it’s still in the box

Share a tip or trick you've picked up for navigating tricky lies or hazards on Wiltshire's courses.

Don’t be scared to come out sideways or even backwards, to try and save par, rather than trying to hit the hero shots which invariably turn into doubles and trebles.

Also when most of us hit a bad shot we get instant feedback and we immediately know what we did wrong.

Try to figure that part out before you hit the ball.

If you could magically improve one aspect of your golf game overnight, what would it be?

I would choose to improve my Pitching. I have a good long game and my chipping is pretty solid...but my pitching is worse now than before I knew how to play

Describe your ideal post-round meal or drink at a Wiltshire golf club

Don’t tamper with a classic – that would be a Roast with all the trimmings.

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