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In The Spotlight

Handicap Gripes Continue

Last week we asked whether the WHS handicap system had ruined club competitions and we asked you to let us know your thoughts.

You can read that here

We received some interesting comments.

Piotr got in touch to share his experience of getting his first handicap and how he feels about how things have changed since then

When I first started playing golf the maximum handicap was 18 for men and I had to have a playing interview with the Club Captain and Pro before I was accepted to be a member.

Now anyone with a stupid handicap is allowed.

If they want a 40 handicap then let them play of the pro tees where a true handicap is based on, and not from tees where you can get 2-shots on a
100 to 150 yard par 3… what chance does anyone have?

It’s just not realistic golf anymore.

Piotr went on to say

Nobody should get more than 18 shots when playing any competition

I have to say I agree with him….especially based on a very recent experience of playing matchplay pairs

Roger Chequer and myself teamed up to play in a Pairs Match play competition.

We are usually a decent pairing and can give most people a decent game.  We don’t win them all but we can at least compete.

But not this time.

On Saturday we played our match just outside Wiltshire at South Cerney Golf Club…

which doesn’t have any members and as a result they don’t currently have a course or slope  rating for the golf course – which makes calculating playing handicaps all the more tricky.

Any way we were drawn against a 4-index and a 22-index.

The 22 handicap had only just put in the minimum 3-cards to get his handicap.

I said on the first tee that it could either be hard work for him or for us…with new handicap players you just never know.

As it turned out we got hammered, – the 22 handicap played really well and shot around 80 (give or take the odd gimmie)

We were never in the game, and we actually went 5-down at one point and we were doing all we could just to limit the damage on the back 9

I’ll be very surprised if they don’t go on to to win the competition

Something to consider in this is that if the match play score card also counted towards the calculation, he would likely be off single figures for his next game, but instead some other team will likely get a hammering too.

On the bright side they were nice people and we had a good game, except for the slow play on their part, but that’s a story for another day

What do you think about the handicap system…are you for it or against it?  Feel free to let us know

Upcoming Open Golf Events In Wiltshire

These are some of the Open Events taking place in Wiltshire over the next couple of months

These are just a few of the events and you can see more on our Open Golf Competitions page

The Player Profiles Series

In our Player Profiles Series, we dive into the experiences and passions of local golfers, bringing you closer to the heart of the game.

Each interview unveils the personal preferences of a Wiltshire golfer, from where they play most of their golf, to their favourite hole, their go-to clubs, a favourite post game meal and some other interesting golf related trivia

Tucker Thompson enjoying a beer at The Blue Boar

This week’s Player Profile is Tucker Thompson

This week’s Player Profile shines the spotlight on Tucker Thompson, a golfer whose passion for the game is matched only by his love for the picturesque courses of Wiltshire.

Tucker’s golfing adventures are not just about sinking putts; they’re infused with stories of challenging holes and unexpected discoveries along the way.

From his favoured club on the course to the intriguing rituals that accompany his pre-tee routines.

Discover Tucker’s dream golf hole design, his thoughts on the quirkiest golf-themed gift he’s ever received, and the one aspect of his game he dreams of magically improving overnight.

Visit Tucker’s Profile and find out more about him

we want YOU to be part of our Player Profiles Series too!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, we invite you to share your golf story with us.

To find out more visit the Player Profiles Series.

This Week's Featured Golf Hole

As part of our Player Profile Series we ask the Players to tell us their favourite hole from across the Golf Courses in Wiltshire, this is the choice of this week's Player.

Tucker’s Favourite Hole is the 12th Hole at Manor House – ‘DOOLITTLE’

Par 5




One of the most visually stunning Par 5’s you are likely to see.

The hole doglegs across a valley, with heavy rough, the River Bybrook, the lake and bunkers to negotiate before you reach the green.

Take a fairway wood or long iron off the tee to ensure playing your second from the short grass.

The green can be reached in two but it requires a long shot.

The green undulates and hardly has a straight putt.

The best of luck!

The Performance Zone

Each week we share a tip from a Golf Professional, Coach or Equipment specialist to help you improve your game, from Curing the Shanks to Choosing the right Driver

This week PGA Professional Richard Lawless shares some ideas about Driver Loft’s

Has Your Driver Got The Right Loft

Rich looks at Driver Lofts and some of the options available.

It’s worthwhile to get a custom fit once you have a repeatable swing, but it’s just as important to the have that specification custom built.

But be aware that the tolerances from some of the golf manufacturers just don’t deliver the specs you have paid for.

You can see more video coaching from Richard at the Weekend Golfers Academy

Community Spotlight

Manor House Hole 8

Captains Drive In at Manor House Golf Club

We wish Simon all the best for his year as Captain!

Time For A Laugh

Who Put That Hotel In The Way?

If you would like to have your own golf joke or video featured, just drop us a line

May Your Drives Be Long & Your Putts Be True

Thank you for joining us for this edition of the Wiltshire Golf Guide Newsletter.

We hope you found inspiration in our featured golf spots, player profiles, and expert tips.

Remember, whether you’re teeing off at a local course or honing your skills on a simulator, the joy of golf lies in the camaraderie and the pursuit of excellence.

Stay tuned for our next issue, packed with more exciting updates from the Wiltshire golfing community.

Until then, May Your Drives Be Long And Your Putts Be True!

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