Roger Chequer

Roger Chequer on Caddy Duty for Steve King at The Trilby Tour in Oxfordshire

How Often Do You Play Golf?

Weekly but hopefully more this year.

Which Wiltshire Golf Course Do You Play The Most - (Tell us if you are a member there)

Manor House G C

What's Your Favourite Golf Hole From Any Of The Golf Courses In Wiltshire?

1st hole at Ogbourne Downs. Looks easy but difficult to par.

Hole 1 Par 4

Ogbourne Downs Hole 1 Layout


Aim up the left hand side of the fairway to allow the gentle slope of the fairway bring the ball back into the centre.

Avoid missing this green on the right or you face having a tricky up and down for a par. Better to favour the left side of the green and use the slope of the bank to push the ball back toward to green

The green slopes from right to left allowing for a challenging two-putt.

What's In Your Bag - Tell us everything from Clubs to balls to shoes and hats...feel free to dazzle us

Callaway XR driver, and 3 wood, mixture of irons from Callaway Big Bertha, to Cleveland HB3, Tom Wishon Hybrid 3, Odyssey Tank putter.

Srixon soft feel balls, Tiger tees and a variety of ridiculous hats including an SAS style balaclava c/w smiley face and always a full set of waterproofs.

Sketcher winter shoes and Ecco summer shoes.

What's your go-to club in your golf bag that never lets you down?

8 iron, I can manufacture most shots with it (limited to my ability)

Share a quirky superstition or ritual you have before teeing off.

Too worried about forgetting something (which I do often) to have rituals.

What's your favourite golf-related movie or book, and why does it resonate with you?

Seve’s life story, and how his talent overcame adversity

What's the most unusual item you've ever found in your golf bag?

Several dog toys, thanks to my Granddaughter, and a very very old mummified banana!

If you could design your dream golf hole in Wiltshire, what features would it have?

Water & elevation and positional shots

If you could change one golf rule, what would it be?

To lift from an old divot with no penalty

If you could organise a dream golf trip with your friends, where would you go and which courses would you play?

Anywhere with sunshine.

Fiji is nice but only has 2 courses on the main island, and it takes 2 days to get there.

Describe the quirkiest golf-themed gift you've ever received.

Golf ball finder glasses (they really work)

Share a tip or trick you've picked up for navigating tricky lies or hazards on Wiltshire's courses.

Don’t go in the rough!

Don’t hit it in the water!

If you could magically improve one aspect of your golf game overnight, what would it be?

To drive straighter and longer

Describe your ideal post-round meal or drink at a Wiltshire golf club

Anything unhealthy with chips or curry

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