Wiltshire Golf Guide

Steve King

Meet Steve King, the driving force behind Wiltshire Golf Guide and your go-to expert for all things golf in Wiltshire.

With an impressive golfing journey spanning 25 years of playing Golf in Wiltshire, Steve brings a wealth of experience and insight to the table.

A Golfer of Single Figures

Steve has consistently played off single figures throughout his golfing career, and as a golfer who knows the game inside out, Steve has a keen eye for what makes a golf course truly exceptional.

Honest and Unfiltered Analysis

When it comes to assessing golf courses, Steve doesn’t pull any punches, he believes in providing you with honest, unfiltered, and valuable insights.

From the quality of the tee-boxes to the perfection of greens, Steve makes sure you get the honest and accurate information and recommendations that you need.

With Steve’s expert analysis, you can trust that Wiltshire Golf Guide is your ultimate resource for discovering the finest golfing experiences in Wiltshire.

His passion for the sport and commitment to excellence are at the heart of our mission to elevate your golfing adventures in this beautiful golfing county.