Piotr Ptaszek

A picture of Piotr Ptaszek with his golf bag on the golf course

How Often Do You Play Golf?

Twice a week

Which Wiltshire Golf Course Do You Play The Most - (Tell us if you are a member there)

Manor House

I was a Member for 20 years at North Middlesex course and played golf a lot with Beef Johnston and practiced with him

What's Your Favourite Golf Hole From Any Of The Golf Courses In Wiltshire?

Hole 2 At Manor House – Par 3 DIPPER BRIDGE

a picture of Steve King crossing the bridge at Manor House Hole 2


One of several holes that meander their way through the stunning Bybrook Valley.

A scenic par 3 that requires a mid to low iron to seemingly generous target. However, looks can be deceptive!

Hitting the green is very important as the Bybrook is awaiting any stray tee shots. The green is undulating, so very seldom will you have an easy putt.

With Out of Bounds long and bunkers guarding the front and right, this is a truly great short hole.

What's In Your Bag - Tell us everything from Clubs to balls to shoes and hats...feel free to dazzle us

  • Titleist T200 2024
  • Titleist TSR1 Driver
  • Titleist TSR 7 wood
  • TSI 4 wood
  • SM 8 Wedges black head
  • Toulon Atlanta putter
  • Pro v 1x ball
  • Addidas Adipure shoes

What's your go-to club in your golf bag that never lets you down?


Share a quirky superstition or ritual you have before teeing off.

I have a lucky old shilling as a Ball Marker I lost it once and stopped golf to go and find it!

What's your favourite golf-related movie or book, and why does it resonate with you?

Tin cup

There is always hope no matter who you are.

What's the most unusual item you've ever found in your golf bag?

An old banana left in my bags side pocket that had turned black and slimy

If you could design your dream golf hole in Wiltshire, what features would it have?

A par 4 hole 340 yds, Tree lined with tall pines leading to a two-tiered Green below the fairway level surrounded by bunkers

If you could change one golf rule, what would it be?

Free relief out of all fairway divots that have not been repaired or replaced

If you could organise a dream golf trip with your friends, where would you go and which courses would you play?

TPC Sawgrass. Florida

Describe the quirkiest golf-themed gift you've ever received.


Share a tip or trick you've picked up for navigating tricky lies or hazards on Wiltshire's courses.

Try your best and if it doesn’t work be realistic it’s a tough shot

If you could magically improve one aspect of your golf game overnight, what would it be?

My fairway woods of the deck

Describe your ideal post-round meal or drink at a Wiltshire golf club

Porridge with a coffee

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