Open Golf Competitions In Wiltshire

Open Golf Competitions In Wiltshire 2022

Listed below are some of the Open Golf Tournaments due to be held at golf courses in Wiltshire

Contact individual clubs for more information


DateCompetitionClubEntry Fee
8 MarchTeam OpenSalisbury & South Wilts£140.00 per team of 4
29 MarchCoffee Morning Ladies Team OpenTidworth Garrison£72.00 per team of 4
29 MarchLadies Team OpenWrag Barn£93.00 per team of 3


DateCompetitionClubEntry Fee
13 AprilSeniors Individual Scratch OpenKingsdown£80.00 per person
13 AprilGents Seniors Team OpenUpavon£81.00 per team of 3
24 AprilAdult-Junior Pairs OpenNorth Wilts£15.00 per pair
26 AprilCoffee Morning Ladies & Mixed Team OpenSalisbury & South Wilts£72.00 per team of 4


DateCompetitionClubEntry Fee
1 MayJunior Girls OpenNorth Wilts£8.00 per person
7 MayGents Team OpenNorth Wilts£140.00 per team of 4
11 MayLadies Team OpenCumberwell Park£105.00 per team of 3
12 MayGents Seniors Individual OpenBroome Manor£25.00 per person
15 MayMixed Pairs OpenBroome Manor£32.00 per couple
15 MayMixed Team OpenKingsdown£160.00 per team of 4


DateCompetitionClubEntry Fee
1 JuneGents Seniors Individual OpenKingsdown£40.00 per person
7 JuneLadies Team OpenNorth Wilts£96.00 per team of 3
08 June Gents Seniors Individual OpenSalisbury & South Wilts£40.00 per person
09 JuneLadies Team OpenSalisbury & South Wilts£96.00 per team of 3
10 JuneGents Senior Pairs OpenHigh Post£80.00 per pair
12 June Gents Pairs OpenMarlborough£90.00 per pair
12 JuneMixed Pairs OpenSalisbury & South Wilts£80.00 per couple
12 JuneMixed Pairs OpenTidworth Garrison£76.00 per couple
14 JuneGents Seniors Individual OpenWrag Barn£40.00 per person
15 JuneGents Seniors Team OpenUpavon£78.00 per team of 3
17 JuneTeam OpenMarlborough£130.00 per team of 4
21 JuneLadies Team OpenWrag Barn£126.00 per team of 3
24 JuneTeam OpenTidworth Garrison£120.00 per team of 4
25 JuneGents Pairs OpenChippenham£40.00 per pair
27 JuneBath & Bristol Festival of GolfCumberwell Park£600.00 per team of 4
28 JuneLadies Team OpenKingsdown£160.00 per team of 4
28 JuneLadies Team OpenOgbourne Downs£90.00 per team of 3


DateCompetitionClubEntry Fee
2 JulyGents Pairs OpenKingsdown£80.00 per pair
5 JulyGents Seniors Individual OpenThe Wiltshire£20.00 per person
7 JulyGents Seniors Individual OpenNorth Wilts£33.00 per person
7 JulyLadies Pairs OpenTidworth Garrison£72.00 per pair
7 JulyGents Seniors Individual OpenWest Wilts£24.00 per person
8 JulyLadies Team OpenHigh Post£114.00 per team of 3
12 JulyGents Seniors Individual OpenMarlborough£45.00 per person
14 JulyGents Senior Pairs OpenCumberwell Park£70.00 per pair
19 JulySeniors Mixed Team OpenChippenham£80.00 per team of 4
23 JulyPro-AmHigh Post£300.00 per team (3 amateurs)
28 JulyJunior OpenMarlborough£20.00 per person


DateCompetitionClubEntry Fee
5 AugustJunior OpenKingsdown£15.00 per person
8 AugustTeam OpenBroome Manor£100.00 per team of 4
9 AugustJunior OpenSalisbury & South Wilts£14.00 per person
9 AugustGents Seniors Individual OpenTidworth Garrison£40.00 per person
10 AugustSenior Ladies Team OpenChippenham£60.00 per team of 3
10 AugustGents Seniors Individual OpenUpavon£25.00 per person
12 AugustGents Seniors Individual OpenHigh Post£40.00 per person
14 AugustTeam OpenHigh Post£80.00 per team of 4
16 AugustMixed Pairs OpenHigh Post£80.00 per couple
22 AugustGents Pairs OpenBowood£80.00 per pair
23 AugustLadies Team OpenBowood£160.00 per team of 4
23 AugustGents Seniors Individual OpenChippenham£20.00 per person
24 AugustMixed Pairs OpenBowood£80.00 per couple
25 AugustGents Senior Pairs OpenBowood£80.00 per pair


DateCompetitionClubEntry Fee
5 SeptemberGents Seniors Individual OpenHigh Post£70.00 per person
6 SeptemberGents Seniors Individual OpenOgbourne Downs£27.00 per person
9 SeptemberSenior Ladies Team OpenHigh Post£114.00 per team of 3
10 SeptemberJunior OpenTidworth Garrison£15.00 per person
11 SeptemberMixed Pairs OpenWrag Barn£66.00 per couple
18 SeptemberMixed Team OpenWest Wilts£100.00 per team of 4
20 SeptemberGents Seniors Team OpenWrag Barn£120.00 per team of 3
25 SeptemberMixed Pairs OpenChippenham£40.00 per couple
27 SeptemberLadies Team OpenUpavon£48.00 per team of 3


DateCompetitionClubEntry Fee
05 OctoberGents Senior Pairs OpenUpavon£54.00 per pair
06 OctoberSenior Ladies Team OpenSalisbury & South Wilts£96.00 per team of 3
23 OctoberJunior European OpenThe Wiltshire£59.00 per person
27 OctoberJunior OpenNorth Wilts£8.00 per person
29 OctoberGents Pairs OpenKingsdown£80.00 per pair

If you would like to add your Club’s Open competition’s to the list, please feel free to get in touch